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Blood Under the Big TopThank you to all who participated in our 2016 Murder Mystery Weekend, It's No Laughing Murder! Save the date for our 8th annual event to be held April 8 & 9, 2017 right here in the basecamp of the White Mountains - Lincoln, Woodstock, and Franconia Notch!

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It's No Laughing Murder Solution:

The Coroner has issued his final report and the crime lab has finished its work. The cause of the death of George Allen Turns was trauma to the back of the skull causing a large fracture, splitting of the skin, and blood loss.
Lab results indicate that there was a blood alcohol level of .21. Tests also found a small amount of high blood pressure medication. No other toxins were present in the blood. Residue from the clothing was determined to be gun powder and tobacco. The scalp also showed residue of wig glue and synthetic fibers from a hair piece which likely had covered the deceased’s bald spot.

Evidence collected at the scene of the crime included finger prints on a lighter which were determined to be those of the deceased, a piece of hair found near the body was found to be a toupee belonging to the victim, a partially smoked cigar and other tobacco found at the scene showed gun powder residue, and an envelope near the body was empty but was addressed to the deceased at his Lincoln postal box and the return address was REN TV in California. It has been found that a further notation on the envelope stated “Contract”.

To determine who killed George Turns, we asked the classic question, who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity? Most of the suspects had a pretty obvious motive, and many of them had been at the Thursday evening meeting at South Mountain Resort so they had the opportunity to encounter George Turns before or after the meeting, but the means of murder has determined who killed George Turns.

Mr. Turns was killed by someone whose dreams he was about to crush, someone who knew he loved good cigars and who also had access to the gun powder used in fireworks.

Frustrated comedian want-to-be Joan Shivers killed George Turns with an exploding cigar! It was supposed to be a joke but when the cigar exploded, it threw George back onto a piece of scrap wood, causing the head trauma that killed him.


7th Annual Murder Mystery Weekend

"It's No Laughing Murder"

April 9-10, 2016

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 There is a new comedy club opening in town.  The owner says he has a contract with a cable TV “reality” show to follow the auditions and the opening of the club. As the aspiring comedians gather for the auditions, and their chance at fame, the club owner is found murdered and no one is laughing. Who would want to kill everyone’s big chance? Was it the frustrated TV producer, the has-been host looking for a comeback, the financial “angel” backing the club, or just a comedian with no sense of humor?
Spend the weekend collecting clues, interviewing live suspects, and solving the mystery! It all begins at 10am on Saturday April 9 at Jean's Playhouse in Lincoln. Click here to view the full weekend schedule.
How to play...One Love Brewery
  • Register your team in advance (recommended) or in person beginning at 9am on Saturday, April 9 at Mystery Headquarters (Jean's Playhouse in Lincoln, NH).  There is no cost to register your team and play along!
  • The crime will be revealed at 10am at Mystery Headquarters. Each team will then be issued an official Clue Book to help find the 20 clues throughout the area, and the six suspects. All this information will help to solve the mystery.
  • Suspects are available for interviews from 10:30am until 2:30pm on Saturday, and from 9am until 11am on Sunday. All suspects will be available for questioning at the Suspect Dinner at One Love Brewery in Lincoln on Saturday evening, seating's at 5pm and 7pm.
  • Once you think you have figured out “who dunnit”, and you would like to be included in the PRIZE DRAWINGS, go to Mystery Headquarters to submit an Arrest Warrant. Arrest Warrants can be purchased in advance or at Mystery Headquarters for $10 each and must be received NO LATER than 11:15am on Sunday April 10. There is no limit to the number of Arrest Warrants a person, or team, can issue.
  • Whether you have submitted an Arrest Warrant or not, attend the live reveal of the perpetrator on Sunday April 10 at 11:30am at Mystery Headquarters.
  • Detectives that correctly identify the killer will have a chance at winning a handsome reward for their excellent investigative skills, and even those that are incorrect are entered into a drawing for several not-so handsome rewards. You do not need to be present to win.
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In it's 8th year, the Western White Mountains Chamber's Murder Mystery Weekend continues to grow and has become an event that families and couples look forward to year after year. This event is meant to be over the top and fun, and is suitable for sleuths of all ages and abilities. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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